BASIS BERLIN Postproduktion GmbH is a full service company for all film postproduction needs.
We offer a fully integrated facility for all projects ranging from TV series to large scale cinema, commercials and art installations. We are accustomed to working within the security guidelines of international studios.

With our long standing professional creative team, we provide services for the entire range of sound postproduction from dialogue editing, sound design, foley-recording mixing to sound-restauration and more.

Our re-recording stages acoustically sound proofed using room in room construction and extensive acoustic treatment. They provide the perfect environment to finalize your project. All stages are fully integrated in our centralized storage system.
    Cinema Re-recording Stage
    Cinema Dolby 5.1 certified mixing stage (approx. 60sqm) equipped with a 32 fader ICON D-Control, a Christie projector and the finest Meyer Sound cinema speaker system.

    TV Re-recording Stage I
    TV mixing stage equipped with a 16 fader ICON D-Control, optional video projection and a 5.1 DYNAUDIO AIR 15 speaker system.

    TV Re-recording Stage II
    TV 5.1. mixing stage equipped with a 5.1 DYNAUDIO AIR 6 speaker system and a VO recording studio
ADR & Foley Recording Stage
Our ADR & foley recording stage (approx. 50sqm) is equipped with a vintage STUDER analogue mixing desk, UREI filters combined with high-end Apogee AD converters and includes a remote controlled EMT 140 plate reverb.
    ADR Recording & Editing
    The 50sqm anechoic ADR-stage features the standard ADR-mic-setup for talent- and crowd-recordings as well as a fully customizable mic-setup. We connect to studios around the world by Source Connect. BASIS BERLIN is a fully certified Source Connect Studio Partner.

    Foley Recording & Editing
    The Foley Stage features 15 treads of in- and outdoor surfaces, built in mics, hundreds of props and is equipped with a kitchen / bathroom area with running water.
Sound Design
It is our task to ensure that the sound concept underscores the plot and mood envisioned by the filmmaker. All edit suites are connected to our centralized storage system and to our extensive sound library, which is continuously expanded, recorded by our team. Our sound lab includes vintage synthesizers and outboard equipment.
    Dialogue Editing
    We process the originally recorded sound using all leading-edge sound technology available today. We always strive to retain as much of the on-set sound as possible.

    Sound Restauration
    We have extensive experience with sound restauration in preparing film classics for re-release; as well as recreating missing original tracks for music replacement.
We create closed captions for the hearing impaired and audio descriptions for the blind according to the specifications of FFA and public German broadcasters.

Our in-house producers will advise and assist you during budgeting, preparation and throughout principle photography. They will guide you through postproduction until final approval.